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FOX VALLEY AUTO SPA is an automotive detailing service that is based out of Fond du Lac, WI and serves the Fox Valley area. They strive their business on quality, professionalism, and attention to detail. They also have recently revolutionized the auto detailing service with being one of the first to offer mobile detailing.


Beating the Cliché

The first thing that comes to mind with any type of cleaning service are terms like; soap, bubbles, squeaky-clean, etc. The adjective that drove the inspiration for the overall brand was “shiny.” Everything that is new is clean and shiny. After research and sketches, the direction led towards using the literal icon of a diamond, and using that universal shape to our advantage, as well as the dynamic diagonals it provides.

As seen on the left, the primary lockup of the logo hides a triangle that is inspired by the triangle of the ears and nose of a red fox. Although the diamond is the main literal inspiration, it is used as a composition foundation for completing the triangle. This offers a hidden message that pays homage to the Fox Valley of where the business operates.