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A brand is more than just a logo. It is a feeling, lifestyle, and state of mind. Creating a brand identity includes finding the best possible logomark, strategically choosing supporting brand elements such as color, typography, and graphic touchpoints. Ultimately, with these elements used in tandem they create a look and feel that sells itself and successfully portrays a brand that will interest an intended audience.

Everything is designed with a purpose; keeping the logical while eliminating the unnecessary, keeping things simple.



Once a brand identity is successfully established, it’s time to apply it, but more importantly to know how, where, when, and to who to apply the brand. Solutions include campaigns, launches, or social media marketing. Reaching your target audience is half the battle, making them react when they see your brand being utilized is the goal.



They say a photo says thousand words, and that a video holds a thousand photos. Numbers aside, there’s no denying that videography is a powerful thing that can make us feel, want to buy, or set our state of mind.

Southpaw’s video work involves brand promos, montages, etc. Whether it’s empowerment, tears of joy, tears of nostalgia, excitement, or any other emotion, the goal for the final cut of the video is to always leave a lasting impression on the viewer.