The Southpaw Mission

To accurately and efficiently engage in all varieties of art while staying educated and knowledgeable to deliver the best possible creative solution.


I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. Growing up in the visual world we live in, that passion for drawing has grown into a mission to deliver the best creativity I can. Graphic design has not only proven to be a way of advertising, but has shown time and time again how branding can show a lifestyle. Graphic design by definition is visual communication and it is my passion to use my God-given talents to create.

Beginning as “SP Projects” as a freelance alias for myself in 2013, it is now evolved into Southpaw Projects. The name “southpaw” is a common term for left-handed people and it’ said that left-handed people tend to be more creative and artistic. The name is chosen to take pride in the uniqueness of being left-handed and trying to be as well-rounded in creative services as I can. Also, it keeps the the SP hidden in there for my initials of Seth Pahmeier.

The icon for the Southpaw brand can be looked at as an “S” as a monogram, but it is mainly intended to look like the side view of a left-handed person holding a pencil. It is geometrically simplified to support the principle that less is more in design, of always keeping the purposeful and eliminating the unnecessary.


How is Southpaw different?

Southpaw Projects is a sole proprietorship. When you talk or meet with me, you are not only speaking with the sales department, but directly with the designer. There’s no middleman, so there’s no miscommunication, eliminating wasted time and wasted money. The client gets the best of both worlds with the professionalism and quality of an ad agency, with the personal attention and comfortability of a freelancer.

What do I do and how do I do it?

Southpaw Projects specializes in branding, while offering services that strengthen a brand such as marketing, illustration, and videography. When working for a client, they have my full attention and focus for creating whatever it is they need to make their wants and needs into a reality. Following a distinctive creative process, all avenues of possible creativity are explored to ensure the client is getting the most unique and fitting visual that suits their needs.

Why I’m here

After achieving my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a design emphasis and gaining great experience from my years at a local creative agency, my passion for design drives me to work with clients who are also passionate about their work and offer my creative services in all ways possible to serve them.